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New To VR: Dispense ‘Good Luck’ Everywhere As A Seagull In Sploot

You’re on your way to a very important interview for that job you’ve always secretly wanted. You’ve taken great care to make yourself look as presentable as possible, shirt or blouse ironed, skirt and trousers pressed, tie and hair just so. You’re ready for anything the interviewer will throw at you, nothing can go wrong… and then the universe, in the guise of a passing pigeon takes a dump on you from a very great height and ruins to everything. We’ve all been there, but at least in new virtual reality (VR) experience Sploot you get to be the one causing the chaos.


Sploot sees you take control of seagull, guiding it around a small seaside town and causing as much chaos as you possibly can. Whether there are buildings, windows, signs, cars or even people nothing must be allowed to get in the way of a coating of bird droppings. Fly where you wish and chain your acts of mischief together to really build your score up with your multiplier and target the most important people and expensive items (shown in gold) for big points. Keep your strength up with bread and avoid doing crashing in to anything too solid otherwise you may end your days much as many urban seagulls do.

The game, developed by Elijah O’Rear of Edge Of Prophecy, is compatible with both the DK1 and DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and is available now as a free download on WEARVR.

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