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New To VR: MacVR Brings Virtual Reality To Your Mac OS X Desktop

Despite the recent announcement Google made bringing Google Cardboard support to iOS devices, you could forgive users of Apple’s range of products for feeling a tad disappointed. With so much in mainstream virtual reality (VR) geared towards the PC, owners of Macs often don’t get nearly as much to really get their teeth into.  The good news is that the independent scene is much better at platform parity and today’s new app spotlight is specifically for those Mac users.


New to WEARVR comes MacVR from British developer David Haynes, a new way for you to view your Mac OS X desktop but in VR.  Currently in early Alpha (v0.2) and not presently with retina display, MacVR allows you to read, write, create content, watch videos, work and play on your Mac desktop with an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

A free 11MB download from WEARVR, whilst the Consumer Version (CV1) won’t be supporting Mac at launch MacVR is currently compatible with the Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 (DK2) so any users who own that HMD can give it a try. Additional information about the app’s development can be found on its promotional website whilst setup instructions can be found on the product page.

VRFocus will continue to bring you new apps, games and experiences that you can get right now for your HMD. Check back daily to see what VR developers are making for you.



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  1. Is there a way of telling my Mac that there are multiple monitors connected? I’d like to be able to put 2 screens (or 3 screens) on top of each other (virtically) and do my work on them, (may be also zoon in & out on them too). I haven’t got my Mac setup yet and Oculus is in the post, so I thought I’d ask.

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