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New To VR: Speed, Finesse & No Fear Are The Keys To Victory In Faceted Flight

As we continue looking through the newly released videogames, apps and experiences on the likes of Oculus VR Share and WEARVR it is only natural that we come across those projects that aren’t complete, are tests, proof of concepts or are looking for funding. Today’s selection comes under the later,  currently undergoing a campaign on Kickstarter where it has already acquired the much desired Staff Pick badge.


Faceted Flight, which we initially covered a couple of days ago on VRFocus, is a virtual reality (VR) compatible stunt flying game where you take command of a futuristic low-level atmosphere ship and guide it against either the clock or against competition through a testing course of twists, turns, loops and more. Experiencing, the developers say, in VR especially a sense of freedom ‘unlike anything you can experience in a “normal” game’.  Built for VR ‘from day one’,  and featuring a number of different ‘Airfields’ to try out your flight skills the game boasts Racing, Ring Attack and free flying  Exploration modes.

Part Pilotwings, part Star Fox, Faceted Flight’s prototype has already been on the road around the US getting heavily play tested at VR events including last year’s Oculus Connect and Unite. Created by Texas-based developer Matthew Scott, the demo (96MB) is now available to download for free on WEARVR for users of the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD).

VRFocus will continue to spotlight new titles, check back daily for the latest VR news and updates.

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