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New V.E.C.T Screenshots Revealed

Cephid Games’ V.E.C.T. is currently undergoing a Steam Greenlight campaign and preparing for a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. As it does, the team behind the videogame are keen to offer their increasingly sizeable fanbase regular updates, the latest of which are new screenshots taken from the in-development version of the videogame.

As VRFocus has previously reported, V.E.C.T. began life as a test project for simulator sickness in virtual reality (VR). The intention was to see what major visual cues could induce the issue, however the results were entirely unexpected. Instead of discovering that which was expected to be the cause of simulator sickness, Cephid Games discovered a way to keep the player from getting motion sick even while moving them through a spinning tunnel inside of a ship. From there, the project evolved into a full VR videogame experience.

V.E.C.T Screenshot 2

The new screenshots taken from V.E.C.T., featured on this page, are part of a new boss sequence. Few other details are currently available, however Cephid Games tease that more information will be made available ‘over the next few days’ on their official blog. A demo version of V.E.C.T. is currently available via that same blog and also on WEARVRVRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on V.E.C.T. and other VR experiences from Cephid Games.

V.E.C.T Screenshot 5 V.E.C.T Screenshot 3 V.E.C.T Screenshot 8 V.E.C.T Screenshot 6 V.E.C.T Screenshot 7 V.E.C.T Screenshot 4

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