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Pixel Ripped Devs Clarify Release Strategy

The forthcoming Pixel Ripped – formerly Pixel Rift – is aiming to deliver it’s unique retelling of a young life immersed in the world of videogames to the virtual reality (VR) audience sooner than might have been expected. The development team has contacted VRFocus and offered an explanation of their release strategy as well as the differences between the home system title and their recently revealed mobile VR videogame, Pixel Ripped 1989.

Recently having been confirmed to be bringing their work to this month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, the team are keen to emphasise the differences between Pixel Ripped 1989 and it’s home system sister title. Discussing the mobile videogame, Stef Keegan, producer, offered the following commentary: “It’s not a spin off we are doing but we have been working hard to optimise the full game for Gear VR. We love the device and are working hard to use it to it’s fullest!”


Further to this, Keegan goes on to explain the reasons that the team have decided to divide the project into two titles. Taking into account the extremely positive reaction to the school scene that has been seen at many events across the globe, the team want to capitalise on this good will.

“I think we’ve been quite confusing with the info we’ve given so far. Things have changed a lot,” states Keegan. “So I want to clarify: we are no longer releasing a 5 level game. We’ve done a lot of thinking about it and there are several reasons. We want to be able to get to game to people as soon as possible – if we waited until we finished the 5 levels then we would miss the Oculus Rift release date. We want the levels to be big and amazing, and if we made the full 5 levels at once then we would be forced to condense everything due to time constraints cutting out some of our favourite ideas.

“We also want to get the school level to people and not make them wait for it – so an episodic release was not the answer. Finally we believe that the best VR experiences are going to be smaller than current gaming experiences because being in a headset for hours with the current tech is not all that comfortable.”


Pixel Ripped 1989 is now set for release in November, which is currently around the time we expect a ‘full consumer release’ for the Gear VR. The initial Oculus Rift edition of the Pixel Ripped is also expected around the same time, with more chapters set to be available as standalone products following this debut. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Pixel Ripped and other titles from the team.

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