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Scorched Battalion, HELIX Feature in WEARVR’s Weekly Top Ten

WEARVR has released its Weekly Top Ten list for 05/06/2015, revealing the most popular virtual reality (VR) experiences to be downloaded on the digital VR software store this week. This week’s edition features the likes of Scorched Battalion, the tabletop tank experience that recently won the Silver award in the videogame track of Oculus VR’s official Mobile VR Jam. There’s also rollercoaster simulator, HELIX – The Next Level and exploration title, RedFrame. That’s plenty for VR fans to check out for the next week, then. A video highlight these experiences can be seen below.

The full list is below:

10. House of Terror – Durovis Dive, Homido, Google Cardboard (Android)
9. Medical Operating Room – DK1, DK2 (Windows)
8. echoDot – DK2 (Windows/Mac)
7. SpaceSys – DK1, DK2 (Windows)
6. RedFrame – DK2 (Windows/Mac)
5. The Mona Lisa Room – DK1, DK2 (Windows)
4. HELIX – the next level – DK2 (Windows/Mac)
3. VR Experiences – DK2 (Windows)
2. dSky VR: Wilderness Experience – DK2 (Windows/Mac)
1. Scorched Battalion – DK2, Android (Windows/Mac/Linux/Gear VR)

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest on WEARVR, reporting back with any further updates.

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