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Shuhei Yoshida

Sony Pictures Project Morpheus Collaboration Revealed

If there’s one thing to be said about Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is that they don’t do things by half. The press conference was big, bold and showed a stellar line-up for the PlayStation 4, the Project Morpheus head-mounted display did get a look in, but not perhaps as much as VRFocus had hoped. On the show floor was a different matter with a large stand with numerous videogames for visitors to sample the upcoming HMD. But the surprises still keep coming.

SCE has been keen to talk about plans for the future, what we can expect, what we are expecting and what we might not be aware of. In a recent interview with Engadget, President of Worldwide Studios for SCE, Shuhei Yoshida revealed a snippet of interesting information regarding Project Morpheus. When Engadget asked SCE about Project Morpheus planning to go beyond game development to partner with NASA, auto companies and Sony Pictures Entertainment, he asked the SCE PlayStation PR “Have they announced, Sony Pictures? Are they not doing the event already?” before going on to say “There’s something very, very cool that Sony Pictures is working on.”


What this may be is currently unknown as Yoshida didn’t go into further details, but could this be the first movie designed for virtual reality (VR), putting the viewer directly in the action or streamed movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment back catalogue in a virtual cinema, similar to the Oculus Rift announcement of a virtual cinema for streamed Xbox One games. Until Sony Pictures Entertainment or SCE reveal more at the “event” Shuhei Yoshida mentioned, implying it could be very soon, the end of E3 perhaps, we probably won’t know for sure. But the internet rumour mill will enjoy trying to guess.

VRFocus will be there to report any further announcements from SCE regarding Project Morpheus.

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