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Stage Presence Returns with Full Version, Greenlight Campaign

Long-term readers of VRFocus may well remember Stage Presence, the stage-heckling virtual reality (VR) experience from indie developer Jon Dadley and his studio, Sea Green Games. The piece released in the form of a demo last year for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) to coincide with popular UK music festival, Glastonbury. One year on and the developer is celebrating yet another edition of the festival, this time with the launch of both the full version of Stage Presence and a Steam Greenlight campaign to have it sold on Valve’s digital store.


Stage Presence is described as a ‘microphone-based music festival and angry mob simulator’. Players are cast as a member of a rock group performing a set at one such festival. A short while into the show technical difficulties bring the band’s music down and it’s up to the player to keep the increasingly hostile crowd happy while everything is fixed. They will need to sing, rant and gibber to keep the crowd entertained and are even able to plug in their own guitar to play their own music.

Should players start to fail in their task the crowd will start to harass them, shining bright laser pens in eyes, throwing bottles filled with urine and shouting insults. Leaderboards will allow friends to compete on just how well they manage to keep crowds calm, something that can be especially challenging when faced with poor weather conditions and more. When successful, the crowd will react much more positively, cheering you on, setting off fireworks and crowd surfing. Both Story and Survival modes feature as does a free play Karaoke made.

Pending the Greenlight campaign’s success, Sea Green Games is looking to launch the Steam version of Stage Presence in September 2015. Those interested in the title don’t have to wait, however; it’s available now via an Itch page at a discounted price of $2 USD.

VRFocus will continue to follow Stage Presence closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

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