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The Walking Dead VR Experience at E3, Starbreeze Acquires New VR HMD

The number of head-mounted displays (HMDs) coming to the market is set to expand once again. Joining the likes of the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and Project Morpheus HMD systems is StarVR, a new virtual reality (VR) project from Starbreeze Studios, the owners of studio OVERKILL best known for its work on the PAYDAY franchise of videogames.

The HMD hardware comes from InfinitEye, whose own headset has apparently been re-engineered with assistance from Starbreeze, with the ultimate aim to place the studio at the forefront of VR releases as part of Steam’s OpenVR framework.


The partnership between Starbreeze and InfinitEye began following an initial meeting at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2014. Their subsequent work, in development for a year, has yielded an HMD boasting a  210° by 130° field of view, refined and optimised lenses for greater quality over a greater area, a total panoramic view (no ‘screen door’ effect ) with 5K (5120×1440 pixels) resolution, positional tracking with real-time six degrees of freedom.

Commenting on the reveal, CEO of Starbreeze, Bo Andersson Klint said “Starbreeze’s vision is to become a leader in the entertainment industry by delivering world class experiences. The landscape of entertainment is transforming and we strongly believe VR will be a big part of the story of our industry going forward. Our StarVR aims at bringing the next generation entertainment experiences to reality. By immersing ourselves into the VR field, we aim to learn fast, position Starbreeze for the future and allow people to enter into new worlds.”

Starbreeze will be demonstrating its new HMD at this years E3 with a new OVERKILL developed VR experience based on popular trans-media franchise The Walking Dead.

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

“The landscape of entertainment is rapidly transforming,” Klint said of The Walking Dead. “Experiences are moving from linear to user-determined, pushing storytelling to responsive and inclusive formats. The virtual reality setting allows us to completely immerse our players in our games. Starbreeze is on the frontier of VR development and we see it as a new platform ready for AAA experiences in games such as OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead.”

As part of the announcement, Starbreeze has released a video giving a behind the scenes look at the development of the device.

Join VRFocus next week for everything VR-related at E3, where we will also endeavour to bring you more about StarVR and OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Experience.

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