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Tilt Brush VR Painting Exhibition to Be Held Next Week

This week saw Oculus VR announced the winners of its Mobile virtual reality (VR) development jam. Taking the Platinum award in the experiences section of the jam was a unique VR translation of Vincent van Gogh’s The Night Cafe. The piece allowed players to walk around a 3D representation of that famous painting. It was one of the first examples of VR art and showcased its potential as an entirely new medium for creators to explore. Plenty more examples are set to be put on display next week as the world’s first Virtual Reality Painting Exhibition is held in San Francisco, California.


The exhibition, which takes place on 13th June 2015 at the Gray Area/Grand Theater, will showcase the work of a select group of artists that have been using popular VR painting software, Tilt Brush, and is organised by the team behind the software. Tilt Brush itself was recently purchased by Google. The experience allows users to paint three-dimensional brush strokes to create anything they see fit. User’s creations can currently be viewed through a mobile app on Android that uses the Google Cardboard mobile head-mounted display (HMD). Tilt Brush is also coming to the HTC Vive HMD in the future.

The show features work from Mitra Shahidi, Levi Ryken, Justin Patton, Akin Bilgic and Drew Skillman. Featured works include Skillman’s Neon, Volcanos and Snowy Cabin. “Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see and participate in the early exhibition of the world’s earliest VR creative tools and talents,” an official website says of the event. “Watch as artists expand into an entirely new type of canvas.” Tickets can be purchased from this website, with general admission starting from $15 USD. VIP tickets are also available for $40. The event gets underway at 20:00 PDT.

VRFocus will continue to follow any and all VR related events, reporting back with the latest on them.

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