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EVE: Valkyrie And ADR1FT Big Winners At Epic Games E3 Awards

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is at an end and what an awesome year its been, for videogames and virtual reality (VR) especially. To round it all off Epic Games has joined forces with GamesBeat to present an awards program that recognises outstanding games and VR experiences powered by Unreal Engine.


Whilst there were, as previously revealed, two specific award categories for VR, in the end VR videogames took home four awards overall.

ThreeOneZero’s outer space adventure ADR1FT also took home two awards, the first Unreal’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’ award for best new VR experince whilst it also was victorious in the ‘I Like the Way You Move’ category for best use of physics – an extremely impessive victory. Whilst CCP Games also deserve special congratulations for their Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus compatible title EVE: Valkyrie which received the ‘360 Degrees of Amazing’ and ‘Raddest Explosions’ awards.

Winners are awarded not just the plaudits of Unreal and Gamesbeat, but also receive NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti 4K graphics card (courtesy of NVIDIA themselves) for each victory, meaning that both ThreeOneZero and CCP Games will receive two cards.

Here are the full list of winners:

360 Degrees of Amazing: EVE Valkyrie
All the Feels: Hellblade?
Everything Is Awesome: Abzu
Eye Candy: Gears of War 4
I Like the Way You Move: ADR1FT
Love at First Sight: Mighty No.9
Raddest Explosions: EVE: Valkyrie
That’s Unreal!? Gigantic
Through the Looking Glass: ADR1FT
Unreal Underdog: Ashen
Watercooler Moment: Shenmue III


Congratulations to all the winners from VRFocusVRFocus will continue be following all the latest news from Epic Games and the VR world.

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