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VR Bike free on Google Play

Ever want to jump on a bike and race around a city from the comfort of your living room in virtual reality (VR). Well developer Polynotes’ videogame VR Bike is now available for free via Google Play for Google Cardboard mobile head-mounted display (HMD).

VR Bike is Polynotes first VR game for Google Cardboard, and has you racing round city streets modelled on Paris and has 18 various levels. As you progress through the missions your bike gets more powerful, from an initial 90 kph up to a maximum of 320 kph. The three difficulty modes on offer change the type of road layout available. The easy difficulty setting is a standard split road, on normal it’s a split two motorway and on hard the player has to drive on the opposite side into oncoming traffic. The aim is to reach the destination as fast as possible avoiding all the usual vehicular obstacles that get in the way.


Polynotes make several other racing titles including Traffic Clash: Race in Paris and WR Race which are available on Google Play but these aren’t in VR.

VRFocus will report on any further updates to VR Bike and announcements from Polynotes.

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