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VR Jam Finalists Spotlight: Scorched Battalion Brings Tanks to the Living Room

Virtual reality (VR) gives developers the opportunity to experiment with strategy titles in entirely new ways. Creators Daniel Fearon and Nathan Fearon are doing just that with their entry into Oculus VR’s Mobile VR Jam, Scorched Battalion. The piece, which brings tabletop tank warfare to the living room, is one of the many finalists chosen for the Jam, and is entered into the videogame track of the competition for the Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD). A video of the title in action can be seen below, though the developer warns of spoilers.

Scorched Battalion is a multiplayer experience that sees players take turns as they move their miniature tanks through randomly generated environments, attacking the opposition. Players can use simultaneous turns to move more than one tank at a time. Each player chooses two shots, with the first firing first and last and the other firing the two in the middle. Rather than playing out as a standard combat experience, the title boasts a comedic element in the use of its characters, and takes a bizarre turn towards the end.

Those interested in the experience can head to an official entry page to download the APK that was also submitted to Oculus VR for judging. As a finalist in the videogame track, Scorched Battalion hopes to secure a grand prize of $200,000 USD. Runner-up awards include $100,000, $50,000, and $10,000. Winners of the main Jam are expected to be announced this week, with a community voted award of $10,000 also being awarded.

VRFocus will continue to follow any and all entrants into the Mobile VR Jam, reporting back with the latest on them.

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