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Zombie Archery Title Dead Among Us to Get Oculus Support

It’s likely that, with the release of the consumer Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) in Q1 2016, plenty of zombie-based VR videogames will rear their heads. The genre is a popular one for the videogame industry as a whole and capturing the pressured, desperate feeling that they provide in the world of VR could make for some truly incredible experiences. Dead Among Us from Indian studio Rolocule Games is one such title, as the developer has this week confirmed that it is working on Oculus Rift support for the title.

Dead Among Us has actually launched this week on the iOS operating system (OS), with a version for Android also expected to arrive soon. Instead of using the usual assortment of guns and melee weapons to fend off the hordes of the undead, players will instead use a bow and arrow to pick off enemies, as they are cast as a gold medallist in archery. On mobile the title takes advantage of a unique single-handed control system in which players can aim, draw and fire all using one hand as zombies slowly creep towards them.

“We believe that Dead Among Us sets new gameplay standards with its single hand controls for first person shooters on mobile devices and would impact the way we imagine this genre for smartphones,” Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games, said of the title’s mobile release. “Dead Among Us not only brings all the excitement of a sniper-styled shooter but also offers players with powerful story experience along with deep strategic thinking.”

For the Oculus Rift port, Rolocule Games is planning on adding motion controls to Dead Among Us. As teased in a trailer below, this will see users actually reaching behind them for arrows, as seen in other motion controller archery titles such as Sports Champions. The developer does not yet have a release date for this version of the title pinned down, although does note that it will be dependent on the launch of the consumer Oculus Rift, so don’t expect to see it release until the first few months of 2016 at the earliest.

VRFocus will continue to follow Dead Among Us closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

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