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EndeaVR will ‘Take You Inside a Space Shuttle’

Virtual reality (VR) for most people will be about experiencing the impossible and feeling like they’re actually there. And going into space for the majority of people around the world will be high on that list. The EndeaVR project is hoping to take participants some of the way with ‘Take You Inside a Space Shuttle’.

David Knight CEO of Turbine, will be showing footage taken using VR systems of the inside of a space shuttle at the SoCal Virtual Reality Conference & Expo being held on Sunday 12th July 2015 at the Institute for Innovation, University of California Irvine in Orange County. The event is bringing individuals and companies to speak and discuss everything VR related with demonstration, giveaways and lots more. Knight will kick of the event at 11am with the EndeaVR Project.


QGITS recently interviewed Knight about EndeaVR and his other projects. In response to EndeaVR going live Knight said, “Right now we are not done with EndeaVR project, it has a ways to go, because we are still doing captures, so we have captured the flight deck and the payload bay which we did when it was open and now we are doing one more thing that we have to scan which is the mid deck. The mid deck is located where the hatch is and you actually have to crawl in since there is no way to walk into the space shuttle.”

Knight was also asked about his VR in space project, “A separate project we are working on sending a VR camera unit up to the International Space Station (ISS). We have a VR camera designed for remote applications. The California Science Centre will be working on various VR things that has to do with the space shuttle and probably the ISS. The final frontier is that we are also thinking of putting a VR camera on it’s own satellite that would be a CubeSat with a VR camera on it. So we might be doing that instead of putting the camera on the space station, we will have to make that decision pretty soon.”

VRFocus will be following the latest updates from EndeaVR and David Knight regarding VR.

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