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Epic Games Unveils Big Data VR Challenge Winner

LumaPie, the collaboration of creative teams Masters of Pie and Lumacode has been named winner of the Big Data VR Challenge by Epic Games and the Wellcome Trust.

The contest involved use of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 to produce new ways of processing large amounts of scientific data through virtual reality (VR). Taking place over four months, five teams battled it out to produce the most impressive combination of data analysis, manipulation and scientific discovery within the presentation of a 3D digital environment. The end goal being a tool which could effectively harness and make workable large amounts of information in realtime, something that is a tricky prospect within the sciences owing to just how much information is usually produced through experiments.

Masters Of Pie

LumaPie used the ALSPAC Children of the 90s data and produced an adaptable VR visualisation which is both scalable and fully controllable by the user. This fluidity and control to assist with both small and large scale analaysis projects secured LumaPie the top prize of $20,000, beating out other contenders Hammerhead VR, Slip The Intro, Pi and Power and Opaque Multimedia. It is hoped by Epic Games to be the first step in using Unreal Engine 4 for much larger scale scientific purposes.

Commenting on the event Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said “We thank all of the developers and researchers who dedicated their time and expertise to this competition. This combination of hard science with the type of 3D development normally seen in the video game world will hopefully inspire new ways for visualization of data to evolve as VR becomes a part of our everyday life.”

As development of Unreal Engine withing the virtual space increases, more creations and contests are sure to follow. VRFocus will bring you updates on these as we get them and we’ll additionally bring you any other news in relation to the Big Data VR Challenge.

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