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HTC Vive

HTC Talks Vive, Valve Partnership and More

Arguably the biggest story in the virtual reality (VR) industry so far this year is the announcement of the HTC Vive. The Taiwanese smartphone maker has teamed up with none other than Steam creator Valve to deliver a new head-mounted display (HMD) with promising unique features such as Room Scale tracking. It’s a partnership that no one had predicted prior to its March announcement. VRFocus recently spoke to HTC Executive Director Dan O’Brien about how it came about.

In the interview below, O’Brien talks about the origins of the HTC Vive. While tight-lipped about release details outside of the holiday 2015, he does assure that the kit is on-track.

VRFocus will continue to follow the HTC Vive closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

  1. Howdie Jamie,

    could you tell us what you mean by spoke to recently? Like last week recently. Or like GDC recently?

  2. I predict/bet that it will either be delayed till Q1 of next year, or it wont really be a “consumer” product when they launch it, just a glorified enthusiast/dev-kit. Devs will need a lot more time to make proper games for it.
    We’re barely 5 months away from the supposed launch of this thing, and we haven’t seen a real consumer prototype demoed anywhere. Or any of the exclusive games for it, that didn’t start off as Oculus Rift games, meaning anything you can get on the Vive, will also be on Rift, and the Rift hardware will probably be quite a bit cheaper.
    Their ergonomics R&D and content development is pretty far behind Oculus too, even with Valve’s support. And lets talk controllers.. The Vive wont come with a standard gamepad, which it WILL need for most games, meaning they’re assuming people have one already.. The Rift consumer version WILL come with an xbox controller, and a few months later the Touch controllers will come out, probably with a second tracking camera, to make the Rift’s tracking zone comparable to the Vive’s. The Rift’s Touch controllers are also far better than the Vive’s; more real buttons, basic finger-gesture sensing, better ergonomics, and every bit as accurate as the Vive’s controllers, when a second camera is setup. (meaning both controller setups need 2 other devices, either 2 lighthouse sensors, or 2 constellation cameras.)
    The bottom line here, is that the communities support for Vive comes ENTIRELY from the Oculus+facebook hate. Which is extremely petty, and ignores all the great things Oculus is doing, and ignores that Facebook hasn’t had any negative impact on how Oculus operates. FB has only helped Oculus bring VR to us faster.
    People who are ditching Oculus, because of the facebook thing, are ungrateful, and simply put, a stupid choice that will end up costing them more money, and less games.

    1. You’re an idiot, Oculus fanboy. The Vive is looking much better than the over hyped Oculus Rift. A better laser tracking solution, Valve had the Steam controller that I’m sure will be VR compatible. The Vive is shaping up to be a great VR headset and has nothing to do with “Oculus+facebook hate”. What’s wrong with you?

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