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Immersed Europe Reveals Four New Speakers For Conference

Following yesterday’s reveal that tickets for it’s European conference are now available to purchase online, Immersed have taken to Twitter to announce several new speakers for the event. The Immersed conference series, which brings together content creators along with those behind the tools they use to promote career building and project development within the virtual reality (VR) industry is to be held in Murcia, Spain from Thursday 3rd – Friday 4th September 2015.

Epic Games: The force behind the Unreal Engine, one of the most powerful and diversely used creative engines in videogaming and a big supporter of VR. Epic Games have recently announced the winners to its Big Data VR Challenge which involved the use of VR to manipulate large amounts of scientific data.

inMediaStudio: Based in Madrid, Spain inMediaStudios work on a variety of projects and develop innovative solutions to problems using virtual reality, augmented reality and also use 360 degree videos technology.

Sphericam: Likely well known to regular readers of VRFocus, Sphericam recently announced the Sphericam 2 360 degree camera system, bringing the product to Kickstarter.  With seven days to go the campaign is closing in on doubling its initial funding goal.

Sphericam 2
Gleechi: One of a number of companies involved with the use of hands in VR, Gleechi in particular provide solutions for projects to provide realistic movements.

These four companies joining the likes of AMD, The Third Floor, Crytek, Starbreeze Studios, nDreams and ImmersiON-VRelia at the event.VRFocus will be following all the announcements from Immersed Europe and bring you the latest updates when they happen.

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