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Microsoft Release HoloLens Video on Future Medical Training

The Microsoft HoloLens has already been shown to work well with games like Minecraft but what about more real-world applications such as medicine. Well this is what Case Western Reserve University is hoping to pursue with a partnership with Microsoft and its HoloLens mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD).

Microsoft are obviously keen to push the educational side of the HMD and Case Western Reserve University are helping to bring these ideas to fruition. The newly released video demonstrates how the university wants to blend traditional teaching with advanced HoloLens technology to enable students to interact with anatomical models to see how nervous systems, bone structure and organs all go together without having to use cadavers.


The system could also improve students confidence through simulations that allow the students to fail at procedures without the stress of learning on a real patient

But it isn’t just medicine that Case Western Reserve University has been looking at using the HoloLens for. Other fields like art history and anthropology are also being used to develop the HMD further.

When the HoloLens will be used for full time teaching isn’t clear, and with the consumer launch still unannounced it maybe a while before this happens.

VRFocus shall be reporting on all HoloLens announcements as they arrive.

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