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We Are Stars

National Space Centre Set To Host Debut Of 360/VR Documentary We Are Stars

As you have likely seen, especially over the last few months on VRFocus, the use of virtual reality (VR) and 360 degree immersive video has really begun to give birth to its own industry. From multiple projects relating to new camera technology to announcements of creative works for both entertainment and education, there is it seems an announcement almost every other day, all of which bring something new to the mix.

Now this week a new project by award winning CG animation studio NSC Creative is bringing a new immersive VR experience to the National Space Centre, which debuts this Wednesday following collaboration between the filmmakers and scientists and researchers from around the UK and Durham University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology.

We Are Stars, which follows on from previous works We Are Astronomers and We Are Aliens, is narrated by star of The Lord Of The Rings and Planet Of The Apes franchises Andy Serkis, is according to NSC Creative the world’s first immersive science documentary experience in multiple formats and will be appearing on not just VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). A combination of hard facts and entertainment, We Are Stars looks to follow the threads and show the connections between our origins and those of the universe around us.

National Space Centre

“This film pushes the bleeding edge of VR out to edge of the universe. We hear a lot of concern as the rest of the industry gears up to dealing with high resolution 4k and high frame rates. We have been doing that since 2000, now we are moving to 8k, stereo 3D, 360 films and blazing a trail in immersive media production, hold onto your HMD!” Max Crow, Director of the project commented. “When you start dealing with stories on the cosmological scale it is very easy to lose sight of the human story. With the We Are… series of films the human side to the latest astronomy and space science research has always been at their core. With We Are Stars it is more relevant than ever as we connect life on earth with the big bang and attempt to give the audience a sense of where they have come from and what they are fundamentally made of. The fancy headline technical specifications make for an incredibly immersive experience like no other but it is the story at it’s heart that truly immerses the viewer in a universe of wonder and enlightenment”

VRFocus, will continue to bring you updates on the We Are… series and any future VR-related projects of NSC Creative.

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