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New To VR: Get A Taste Of The Adventure Ahead In Steampuff VR

Today’s New To VR is a little different, for whilst it does take us back to the Oculus VR Share platform what we have from it is not something we normally see there. It is not a videogame, nor is it an experience like a rollercoaster or similar and whilst it is a demo it isn’t one in the sense of a tech demo or proof of concept. Instead Steampuff VR is more of a taster for a much bigger world.


The Sky-High City of STEAMPUFF is a 3D animated series set on the fictitious floating island of Steampuff, an island kept aloft through the ministrations of its architect Haephestus Von Toot. Unfortunately nefarious forces are keen to see Haephestus work turned to other purposes and the responsibility of his rescue suddenly falls on his son Victor to save him and by extension the entire city from certain doom. Armed only with the inventions his father has left behind Victor must go on a number of perilous journeys aided only by his friends, including a robotic frog and a talking steam train that can transform.

Steampuff VR is available on Oculus VR Share and is compatible with the DK2 version of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).  Whilst you can find the first part of the non-VR experience below.

Join us next week at VRFocus for more new VR experiences you can enjoy.

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