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New To VR: Google Stats The Virtual Way In GAVR

One of the ways that virtual reality (VR) may be able to assist in both business and science is through the presentation of large amounts of data in a manageable and manipulatable state. This, after all, was the reason behind the Big Data VR Challenge, the contest held by Epic Games and the Wellcome Trust whose results were announced recently. Combine this with people’s interest in how VR might possibly affect the use of social media and you get today’s tech demo.


GAVR stands for Google Analytics in Virtual Reality and as you might expect, giving you a graphical representation of data from your Google Analytics account in across a number of session types. Showing the data over days, weeks, months and even years should you have that amount of tracking data available.

Whilst obviously still limited it is an interesting view into a possible direction and one any budding social media managers with might be interested in. Use of the app developed by Kir Kokuev, requires an Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD) as well as access to a Google Analytics account. It is available to download now for free from Oculus VR Share and a preview video can be seen below:

That ends our first visit to New To VR for the week, come back to VRFocus tomorrow morning for another example as to what VR technology could possibly do.

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  1. Hey, dev of GAVR here. Feels good reading about my little app on vrfocus. So, if you are interested in it, just so you know I am currently looking for possible business opportunities, you can reach me on twitter @kirtrue

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