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New Video for the LongZe 9D VR Cinema Experience

Modern virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive enable the user to immerse themselves within a virtual world like never before, but while the eyes are being fooled the rest of the body isn’t. Motion tracking such as Lighthouse for the HTC Vive can create that certain sense of ‘being there’ but not completely. Chinese manufacturer LongZe has created a 9D virtual cinema that goes that step further.

With the 9D virtual cinema the viewer sits within a puematic, egg shaped chair that tilts and shifts the user depending on the experience. Some of the videogames shown include a space flight sim, a rollercoaster experience and a zombie shooter.

The 9D virtual cinema has been designed around theme park and shopping centre used though, as the unit will require between 2-9 square meters of space depending on which cabin model is purchased. The unit is available in either a single or triple seat configuration and claims to have full 360 degree rotation.

You can purchase directly from the Guangzhou LongZe Electronic Technology Company but the 9D virtual cinema doesn’t come cheap, the price starts at $6000 USD and climbs up to $25,000 USD.

VRFocus will be reporting on the latest developments in the VR industry as they surface.

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