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Oculus Rift Title Endless Labyrinth Releases New Version

While many gamers might want high octane, in your face experiences that have you shooting, racing or running from a host of enemies, sometimes a more sedate approach can be just as much fun. In Endless Labyrinth, the aim is just to explore and now a new updated version has been released.

With Endless Labyrinth there are no enemies, no monsters, no traps, nothing that wants to kill or harm you. The maze is randomly generated as you explore and goes on forever in all directions. There are gems to collect as you explore the maze so you can see how many you can collect.

The title was released earlier this month and now version 1.3 has been released. Endless Labyrinth the Oculus Rift DK1/DK2 versions and is available from Oculus Share and was developed and tested on Windows 8.1 with an NVidia GTX 770.

So if you want a nice relaxing wander around a maze give Endless Labyrinth  a try and VRFocus will be following any further updates from the Oculus Store and the world of VR.

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