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SteamVR Announces New Update

SteamVR has now received another update to help developers working with the software and the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). Devs have been posting online videos of the new kits, showing the HMD, wireless controllers and Valve’s Lighthouse user-tracking system. The new update brings the version to 1435962534, which is the same version that was previously in the beta.

HTC Vive

New fixes in the update include HMD firmware improvements to the tracking quality when using two bases in a small room, Lighthouse Universes with stale base station positions will now update their positions and a new version of the SteamVR Room Setup application with an improved user interface.

Below is a changelog of the recent fixes that Valve has made to SteamVR.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates from Valve on the SteamVR software.


  • Firmware update tool for dongles now updates all attached dongles. It will just print a message and exit if all dongles are already up-to-date. It will not flash arbitrary files (only dongle firmware!). 
  • Added lighthouse_console.exe as diagnostic tool
  • Fix for failing to connect to vrserver on startup in certain situations
  • Fix for downloading invalid configs from the hmd in certain situations
  • Switched logging timestamps from UTC to localtime


  • Added Quit All command, which quits all OpenVR applications and then VR Monitor itself. 
  • Removed compositor status as its own entry: it is now available in the System Status
  • Fixed drawing of Room Overview in VR
  • Fixed display of chaperone bound in Room Overview, when created at startup
  • Implemented removal of all SteamVR USB and HID devices through Settings > Reset > Remove all SteamVR USB devices. The use of USBDeview is obsolete with this.
  • Status Window has a bluish background while the system is in startup phase
  • Added new playlist feature to run demos similar to the demo loop in the vrworkbench with wireless controllers
  • Added steamvr_intro as a first application to try in addition to hellovr_sdl
  • Added check, so current Vive users get reminded to be checked into SteamVR [Beta]
  • Added Quit All option that exits every OpenVR application and then VR Monitor itself.
  • Added Frame Timing graph (right click > diagnostics > display frame timing). ( Details for Frame Timing can be found here:
    https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamVR/Frame_Timing )

Room Setup Tool:

  • New version of the SteamVR Room Setup application with improved user interface
  • Fixed bounds and center popping to the wrong position after saving.
  • Fixed floor position initializing wrong and causing the saved floor position to drift downward each time Room Setup is launched.


  • Added gpuview events for detecting dropped frames.
  • Added screenshot support (Shift+S when compositor has focus, saves to runtime/screenshots).
  • Added simple mirror mode (Shift+M when compositor has focus to toggle).
  • Miscellaneous optimization and fixes for rendering hardbounds, overlays, etc.
  • Disabled auto-fullscreen support since it was causing too many problems.
  • Added backface culling to overlays.


  • Fixed Universe 1 (Rift) getting data from or having its data migrated to similar Lighthouse Universes.
  • Fixed data migrating from previous similar Universes that never calibrated the Standing Center.
  • Fixed Chaperone reporting Universe 1 in a transient state before the HMD has valid poses.
  • Chaperone bounds are automatically reloaded in Compositor when saving Room Setup.


  • Universes with stale base station positions will now update their positions.
  • Fixed some instances of Invalid Adapter startup failures in the compositor. The HMD no longer needs to be the rightmost display.


  • HMD – Improve tracking quality when using two bases in a small room.
  • VR Controller – Fix tracking dropouts when using two bases in a small room.
  • VR Controller – Fix a bug preventing some wireless controllers from reacting to touches on the trackpad after several seconds of inactivity until restored by a button or trigger press.
  • See https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamVR/HowTo_Update_Firmware for upgrade instructions.
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