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The Gallery: Six Elements Gameplay Trailer Released

Due to be coming out this winter, inline with the launch of the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is The Gallery: Six Elements from Cloudhead Games. A recent trailer showing some of the gameplay features and design has been released by the developer.

The Gallery: Six Elements is a first-person fantasy exploration videogame built from the ground up for VR. The shows the character stuck inside a machine with no way out, until a giant one armed rock creature comes to the players aid. While the giant fixes the machine (what turns out to be a lift) the player interacts with the environment, picking up bottles and pulling levers to explore the surroundings. Once fixed, the lift rises to release the player and enables them to go forth into the world.

Although Cloudhead Games are releasing The Gallery: Six Elements on the HTC Vive, the developer has confirmed that it will be supporting other HMD’s like Oculus Rift and the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Project Morpheus as and when they launch in 2016.

VRFocus will be reporting on any more announcements from Cloudhead Games regarding The Gallery: Six Elements.    

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