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Wands: The Magic Duel banner

Univrses Unveil Wands: The Magic Duel

Swedish technology studio Univrses have unveiled their first-step into the world of videogame development with Wands: The Magic Duel. A showcase of their positional tracking software for mobile virtual reality (VR) devices – which allows players to move freely in the videogame world without the need for external trackers or additional hardware – Wands: The Magic Duel is set to undergo a crowd-funding campaign in the near future.

While Univrses has revealed that Wands: The Magic Duel will be 2-player competitive experience, wherein players have the ability to launch magic spells at one another, few other details about the gameplay are currently available. What is known however, is that the videogame will be based on mobile formats and make use of mobile tracking technology for both movement and combat.

Wands: The Magic Duel screenshot

“Wands: The Magic Duel. Mobile VR game. Move physically to move virtually! No cables, no expensive hardware, no external trackers – just you and your legs,” states the tagline for the videogame on the official Wands: The Magic Duel website.

Univrses intend to raise additional funds for the development of Wands: The Magic Duel via Kickstarter, with the official website for the videogame labelling the campaign as ‘coming soon’. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest details on Wands: The Magic Duel and other VR projects from Univrses.

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