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VR Anticipation Drives Growth at PlayFab

PlayFab, a backend service designed to aid videogame development studios build and launch online connectivity in multiplayer experiences, has today announced its intentions to expand its European presence. This drive comes following the increasing adoption of PlayFab’s services by European developers, including Viewpoint Games Ltd., the studio behind VR Karts Sprint for Samsung Gear VR.

The expansion will commence with the opening of an office in Berlin and the addition of Europe-based developer support, under the company’s GM of Europe, Mark Val. With this move PlayFab is bolstering its ability to support the region’s momentum and growing demand for backend operations technologies, now seeing more than 1,000 local developers registered for its services.

VR Karts Sprint art

In addition to a dedicated presence in Europe, PlayFab has released additional features to help developers build, launch, and grow their videogame titles. New APIs support content management and virtual item trading, while productivity and usability enhancements to the Game Manager include improved two-factor authentication and a streamlined interface.

“Live games are truly the future of the games industry, and developers who ignore this trend will eventually fall short,” said Neil Campbell, technical director of Viewpoint Games. “Developing a backend that can support live game operations and continual success well beyond initial launch is extremely difficult and costly, and takes away from the resources a studio can allocate to creating a game. PlayFab has delivered tremendous value to our efforts and made it much easier for us to create games that are both artistic and geared for business success over the long term.”

Hoping to continue the success of the recently released VR Karts Sprint, Viewpoint Games Ltd. are also utilising PlayFab’s services for the forthcoming PC editions of their virtual reality (VR) karting videogame, VR Karts. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest on Viewpoint Games Ltd.’s efforts and the technologies supporting VR developers.

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