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VRcade Time Zombies

VRcade Launches Debut Public Experience

Seattle-based VRstudios has today announced the launch of its debut public virtual reality (VR) experience. The full-motion, wireless VR technology for commercial and entertainment applications has installed the first VRcade gaming system at Dave and Buster’s, Milpitas, California restaurant/entertainment complex and it open to the public immediately.

Offering VR solutions across a variety of commercial industries, including military, medical, arcade and entertainment applications, VRstudios’ VRcade system offers a completely untethered, full-body tracking experience and features multiple titles including Time Zombies and Bullseye, a videogame developed by Zero Point Software, the creators of Interstellar Marines. The VRcade system runs on VRstudios’ hardware agnostic platform allowing new videogame titles to be frequently added.

VRcade Image

“We are at a significant point in the convergence of new technologies in virtual reality. The genius of our system is the way we pull all these technologies together so our clients won’t have to. The ease of enablement is as revolutionary as the wireless aspect,” said Charles Herrick, VRstudios’ CEO.

Late last year VRFocus got hands-on with an earlier version of the VRcade technology and was undeniably impressed. Despite an unfortunate bump in the road in the form of an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, VRcade appears to have made it’s way to market in a commendable form.

“We are pleased to have as prestigious an organisation as Dave and Busters be a showcase for our breakthrough gaming technology. Several VR enthusiast groups have already travelled across the state to experience it. We have recently been visited and discussions are underway with Hollywood entertainment groups and one of the premier gaming companies in Asia.”

The VRcade system is just one component of VRstudios’ existing VR solutions that are currently being developed and deployed in aerospace, architecture, interior design, property management, military and medical applications. VRFocus will continue to follow VRcade and other new enterprises from VRstudios.

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