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Warcraft 360 Degree Experience Hits the Web

Fans of Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise have eagerly awaited news on the upcoming movie adaption, directed by Duncan Jones. This week’s Comic-Con in San Diego, California is set to host the reveal of the first trailer for the piece. The reveal is also being complimented with a new 360 degree video experience available through a Legendary VR app and viewable with the Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD). Footage of that experience can now be seen below.

In the video, which can also be viewed through Google Cardboard on the YouTube app on Android smartphones, the audience is riding a giant Gryphon as it soars above the fictional realm of Azeroth. It’s a short piece, lasting just over a minute, but sure to keep Warcraft fans entertained as they continue the wait for the first footage of the movie itself.

VRFocus is at Comic-Con this week to bring you the latest updates on VR technology.

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