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Aimed At the VR Market, EDO Announces 6″ 4K AMOLED Smartphone Panel

One of the driving forces behind the rise in popularity of virtual reality (VR) hasn’t been the full size head-mounted displays (HMD) like the Oculus Rift, but to the smartphone market. Devices like the Samsung Gear VR and the popular Google Cardboard have seen a slew of videogames and 360 degree VR video experiences become available. So the demand for higher resolution screens is growing and now EverDisplay Optronics (EDO) has announced the worlds first 6-inch 4K AMOLED display.

EDO Introduces World's First 6-inch 4K AMOLED Panel, Aiming at Virtual Reality Market (PRNewsFoto/EverDisplay Optronics)

The display will have major benefits to the VR mobile market due to AMOLED displays offering low latency, real darkness with superb contrast ratio and minimal hazardous high-energy blue ray. Generally at a 6-inch screen size 4K would have minimum benefits over current displays, but it’s where VR is concerned that EDO is aiming.

Dr. David Chu, EDO’s CEO says: “Visually a person immerses himself into a faux real surrounding by means of VR devices. To do so, it requires exponentially higher PPI in display, far beyond what current market offers. Using today’s UHD (4K) display turn-on as a launch pad, EDO is determined to enter the VR market.”

EDO was established in 2012 in Shanghai, China, to focus purely on small to medium sized AMOLED displays. Within that short period EDO has progressed rapidly to where it is today.

Whilst the company has launched the panel it maybe some time before smartphone manufacturers decide to implement the technology into new devices. But as VR grows so will the demand for these panels, and VRFocus will follow up any further announcements from EDO regarding its foray in VR.

  1. Assuming the 4096 is the horizontal dimension then the vertical would be about 2304 if its a 16×9 display. If half that were used in a cinema app, as is common, then the number of vertical lines in the cinema would be 1152 which would probably qualify it as fully cinematic.

    Can you put some real numbers on this in place of my working assumptions?

    1. In the accompanying image of the display, the pictured legend says it’s 3840*2160 pixels.

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