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Augmented Reality Tech Used by Wärtsilä Service Engineers

Ever since Microsoft’s E3 conference back in June, gamers have been eagerly awaiting news of the HoloLens’ arrival. But the videogame industry isn’t at the forefront of augmented reality (AR) technology, as more industrial businesses have utilised the tech for practical purposes. Wärtsilä is now equipping its service engineers with AR to help improve its service for customers.

Reported on ctech.com, Wärtsilä a Finnish corporation which manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets, has been developing a virtual engineering concept by introducing AR into its remote support services.


The company’s service engineers wear specially-designed head-mounted displays (HMD) designed with AR technology and a wireless connection to the ship’s communications equipment to communicate with shore-based engineers. These engineers can then visualise machinery from the engineers through the communications link and help provide visual advice and assistance for problem solving using the AR tech. Being able to involve more engineers enables complex troubleshooting and repairs to be done more efficiently and effectively without having to halt operations aboard the ship.

Wärtsilä has developed this software to run AR and audio-visual guidance programmes as part of it virtual engineering solution, whilst using the data from onboard sensors to advance data analysis.

AR use is starting to become more widespread as the technology improves and it’s still early days as more industries develop tools around AR’s use. VRFocus will continue to report on AR’s development and use in the future.

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