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Clever Fox releases 360 Degree Virtual Reality Music Video

While releases of 360 degree virtual reality (VR) videos are starting to become a regular occurrence, music videos are still a little thin on the ground. VRFocus reported on Foals releasing a VR video and now another has emerged. Released by Clever Fox, the 360 degree video is called Warp Chase by Swedish synth duo Trail by Laser.

The music video merges hand-drawn animation and computer graphics, themed around classic 80s anime and science fiction, like Tron, Robtech and Last Starfighter.

Warp Chase is directed by Dekker Dreyer who says: “I grew up in the 80s and I have a strong connection to everything we reference in the video. We tried to take these motifs and make them our own and pull them all together into a kind of narrative that works. I was especially excited because we’re doing some things that haven’t been done in virtual reality yet, like adding hand-drawn elements. This really is the future and it’s a lot of fun experimenting to see what’s possible.”

The 360 degree VR video can be viewed via a compatible browser and controlled with a mouse or the WASD keys, it can also be viewed on a smartphone with the YouTube app for the 360 degree experience. If you own a Google Cardboard or similar head-mounted display (HMD) you can view the video through the YouTube app for a more immersive experience.

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