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Epic: VR has ‘a grassroots community feel’

The SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference and Exhibition 2015, which was held earlier this month had added more of a virtual reality (VR) feel to the event with the VR Village. Several talks were held which included “Designing Epic Experiences” by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine lead VR engineer Nick Whiting talking about VR and its community feel.

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In an interview with Denise Quesnel, co-chair of VR Village, Whiting was asked what he finds is the most exciting development in virtual and immersive realities to date:”There are lots of unsolved problems out there in terms of establishing the grammar of the medium, and it’s great to see so many people fearlessly attacking the problems, and sharing their findings. There’s really a grassroots community feel around VR these days when you talk to people.” He added: “Everyone wants to see VR succeed, and so they’re very willing to share what they’ve learned to help others build upon their work and be successful.”

And its been indie developers working with game development engines like Unreal, which is free to use, that have been part of the driving force behind VR. VRFocus has reported on numerous small community events that engage studios with the public more directly, helping garner important feedback on titles in development.

And VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest announcements on all the VR news and report back.

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