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Experience Mountaineering In 360 Degrees

Virtual reality (VR) has the ability to transport users all over the world, to sample relaxing or exhilarating experiences that they want to try or are simply unable to. So Swiss mountain sports specialist Mammut with some of the worlds best climbers decided to create the first of its kind 360 degree climbing project called Project360.

Starting last year several experienced climbers have been climbing some of the planets tallest and most dangerous mountains with 360 degree cameras attached to their backs to let users experience climbing up some of these peaks.

So far 5 mountain tours have been added to the roster for you to enjoy. These include ascending up the north face of Eiger, the famous Hörnilgrat route up the Matterhorn, El Capitan, Rübezahl and Elbrus.

The team of climbers used specially designed camera rigs that could work in the extreme temperatures and high altitudes the climbers would be facing while needing to be light enough and positioned correctly so that the 360 degree imagery could be taken without impeding or endangering them.

Available on the project360.mammut website the tours can be viewed through a compatible browser or on a smart phone or tablet. Each route can be viewed at different sections with full 360 degree images, from the climbers starting point all the way to the summit, including information and the history of mans determination to conquer these natural giants.

VRFocus will continue to report on all the latest news regarding VR and 360 degree experiences.

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