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Fusion Partners with Surreal to Bring “The Chris Gethard Show” to VR

Fusion has announced a partnership with immersive entertainment company Surreal to bring this Thursday’s (6th August) edition of ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ in virtual reality (VR), giving viewers front row seats to the show.

The partnership will produce a full-length VR episode to complement the television broadcast which will feature special guest Kumail Nanjiani “Silicon Valley”. Viewers of the VR episode will also have access to behind-the-scenes content that attendees of the live tapings get to experience.

“At ‘The Chris Gethard Show,’ we try to make the audience a part of the experience and really put them in control. With virtual reality technology, we’re proud to make the experience of attending a taping available to anyone anywhere in a real way. It doesn’t matter if you’re in New York City with us anymore. You get to be a part of this,” Gethard said.


While FUSION Chief Programming Officer Wade Beckett comments: “Audience interaction and participation has been a hallmark of ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ since its inception. We’re excited to partner with Surreal and enter uncharted territory of interactivity, allowing viewers to have an even deeper personal experience with Chris and the TCGS crew. It certainly won’t be boring–of this, we are certain.”

To watch the show viewers will be able to stream the VR episode online at TheChrisGethardShow.com and on YouTube. The video is compatible with Google Cardboard, and those without VR head-mounted displays (HMD) will still be able to watch in 360 degrees on their desktop browser or mobile device.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news on VR and report back.

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