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Holodance Dev Explains ‘collaborative’ VR Multiplayer

Multiplayer remains a largely unexplored but opportunity-rich area of the virtual reality (VR) landscape. With head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as the Oculus Rift yet to be released to consumers, developers are still figuring out how best to deliver single player experiences, let alone ones that allow for more players and more HMDs. One studio that is exploring this territory is narayara games, which is currently working on upcoming VR music title, Holodance, now on IndieGoGo. Recently the developer has explained its ‘collaborative’ VR multiplayer to VRFocus.


In single player, Holodance uses motion controllers such as those that come with the HTC Vive to immerse players in a lively environment in which they essentially bat away incoming orbs to the beat of a music track. In multiplayer, teams will need to work together in order to obtain high scores.

“I call this collaborative multiplayer, so you don’t compete against the other players when you’re playing with other players,” narayara games CEO Jashan Chittesh explained to VRFocus in an interview that will be published in full later this week. “But, instead, everyone shares in getting a better score. And there are some things that I have in there – that I’m planning to put in there – like if you hit multiple notes in a row you get a multiplier. And when you are in mutiplayer mode all the players count together for that.

“So if four players are there and everyone, let’s say, hits two notes and you need 8 notes to get the multiplier, you already get it then. And then you lose that multiplier when you miss a note, but it’ll be a little bit loose with that and the multiplayer, so maybe 2 players or 3 players have to miss a note, or maybe one player has to miss 2 notes to lose the multiplier again,” Chittesh said.

Holodance is hoping to raise $15,000 USD on IndieGoGo. Those interested can pledge $10 to secure an early bird tier for a copy of the title. VRFocus will continue to follow the project, reporting back with any further updates on it.

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