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HoneyVR Accepting Submissions for “Time Traveler” VR Series To Re-create Historic Events

HoneyVR, which wants to create the worlds largest library of 360 degree virtual reality (VR) content has announced it is opening up submissions for a new VR series, ‘Time Traveller’ for CGI artists.

The series will be a  collection of VR experiences letting viewers witness history’s most dramatic events first hand – be a passenger on the Titanic, Neil Armstrong on the moon, or a Navy SEAL raiding Osama’s compound, among many other events.  HoneyVR’s goal is to use VR to memorialize humanity’s most important events, from the brightest to the darkest moments.

The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London.

If you’re a CGI artist who is passionate about history and making an impact on society follow this link to HoneyVR’s submission page.

The details of what HoneyVR are after are:

  • $10,000 guaranteed + $.02 per view.
  • 3 minutes in length
  • 4096×2048 resolution and in accordance with all content specs found on our website.
  • Only the highest quality, photo-realistic works will be accepted into the program.
  • Artists must choose a historical, religious, mythical, or natural event which has been impactful and influential in history. Artists are strongly encouraged to propose an event which they are personally interested in. If we don’t like your concept but we like your portfolio and other materials, we will work with you on selecting a better concept.
  • Works must be both historically accurate and entertaining / exciting.
  • We encourage works on sensitive subject matter as long as they are executed in a historically accurate and tasteful manner.  Our standpoint is that history’s darkest moments are often the most important to memorialize.
  • We encourage artists to make multiple proposals — there is no limit on the # of submissions per artist or studio.

HoneyVR will be launching an app towards the end of the year, to give consumers access to the company’s VR collection. The app will be available for all major VR platforms including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Sony’s Project Morpheus, Cardboard and HTC Vive. VRFocus will be following any updates from HoneyVR on the series as they’re announced.

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