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New Arena Designs Revealed for Wands: The Magic Duel

Swedish indie studio Univrses has unveiled a brand new arena design for its mobile virtual reality (VR) videogame Wands: The Magic Duel in a recent blog post on its website.

Univrses level designer Petter Bergman has been working on a new arena that wielders will be able to duel in. The map consists of two adjacent rooms: one white marble gallery, and one machine room. The marble gallery has two massive pillars at either end that wielders can use to tactically hide behind to help regain mana. But the pillars do not make them entirely untouchable, spells can be cast to arch around them meaning players still have to be on guard. While the machine room is a multi-level design, based round the central huge machine with four exhaust pipes leading to a faintly discernible basement below. There are four stories that players can teleport between.

Wands: The Magic Duel is a mobile VR title that utilizes positioning technology to deliver an unique experience. Not only is the player be able to move, dodge and crouch in VR – the player can also cast and defend against spells in real time using another phone as the controller, without additional hardware.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates and announcements from Univrses on Wands: The Magic Duel and report back.

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