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New To VR: In Null of Hope The Game Gets Immersed In You

Another week begins on VRFocus with another new item that is available to download for your virtual reality (VR) head mounted display (HMD). Today we head to two locations for the same title, a puzzle game for the Oculus Rift DK2.  The game is Null of Hope, a videogame currently undergoing a Steam Greenlight campaign but which has also launched a teaser demo on the WEARVR content sharing platform.

Styling itself a ‘first person list and click’ role playing game (RPG), Null of Hope casts you in the titular role of Null as you embark on a turn-based quest through the familiar styles and themes of the videogames of yesteryear.  A retro VR journey designed to be both invoke old memories and make new ones as you travel through levels inspired by classic gaming experiences – ones whose environments that don’t stay on your gaming screen and instead affect the player outside of the game.

You will see what we mean in the introductory trailer below.

Null of Hope is developed by Wade Arcade and we’ll be following their progress as the title continues their Steam Greenlight campaign.

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