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New To VR: Shepherds Tend Thy Flocks In VR Share Title Pastoral

Virtual reality (VR) is so diverse sometimes you see a title and think that it is something else entirely. As such you could perhaps be forgiven for initially looking at Pastoral, already a Steam Greenlight title, and thinking that it was perhaps some kind of experience set to the music of Beethoven. In this instance of course it is not, the title coming more from the meaning to bring a feeling of space and that space being full of life.

PastoralWhilst Pastoral, by admission of developers Horn & Ivry doesn’t quite live up to that idea fully yet it does seem to be on the way.

You play Pastoral as a shepherd tending their flock at night, unfortunately you and the sheep aren’t the only creatures out on the plains. Wolves are on the prowl for a wool-covered meal and it is up to you to defend your flock by hurling stones in their direction to scare them away. In many ways its a bit like Missile Command except the buildings can move as well and the sheep naturally have little awareness of what danger they are apparently in. Speaking of danger, the sheep aren’t the only targets for the wolves, as they aren’t going to take kindly to someone trying to scare them away with stones. Watch yourself, or you might also end up on the menu!

Pastoral is an experience for the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 head-mounted display and is available now from Oculus VR Share. You can find a gameplay video for the title below.

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