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NFL VR Training Could Cost You $250,000

Whether you’re a NFL sports fan or a fan of virtual reality (VR), if you read about either then its hard to miss all the latest news surrounding NFL VR training. Companies like STRIVR and EON have been in the news after providing VR training packages for some of the NFL’s top teams, but what do these kind of schemes cost?

In a recent blog post Daniel Buchanan Account Executive and VR engineer at Agilibility mentions that he got a call from Joe Harrington, the University of Tennessee’s veteran sports technology coordinator after meeting with a California-based start-up selling VR Quarterback training for football teams. The start-up supposedly wanted $250,000 USD to work with the university for a year.


VRFocus previously wrote about Harrington deciding to create his own VR training system after seeing STRIVR Labs demonstration, as he saw all the technology the company was using (like the Oculus Rift DK2) was off the shelf and he could probably do it for a lot less than $250,000 USD.  Buchanan and Harrington then worked together to create Tennessee’s in-house system for a faction of the cost whilst saving money annually.

Whether the reported $250,000 USD price is different for college football teams over the NFL teams is unknown, but the amount of money involved at the professional level means VR training will possibly prove to be cost effective. And with the amount of teams already on-board, VR training programs are not only becoming successful but also very lucrative.

VRFocus will continue to report on all the latest news on VR as it’s announced.


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