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Second Life Developer Invites Creators to Test its VR World ‘Project Sansar’

Linden Lab the creator of Second Life has announced this week that it has invited a small number of developers to be the first to test its new virtual reality (VR) platform, Project Sansar.

Project Sansar wants to enable peopleto easily create, share, and monetize their own multi-user, interactive VR experiences, without requiring engineering resources. when it launches to the general consumer in 2016. The platform will enable users to create professional-level quality and performance with exceptional visual fidelity, 3D audio, and physics simulation. Project Sansar  will be optimized for VR head-mounted displays (HMD) like the Oculus Rift, but also accessible via PCs and (at consumer launch) mobile devices.


The developers that have been invited to help test Project Sansar will create 3D content using Autodesk’s Maya software and will then export their creations to the new platform. At the platforms consumer launch a variety of third-party creation tools as well as native building options will be supported, so that creators can work with their preferred software.

Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab said in a statement: “We want to lower the barrier of entry for VR experience creation. Project Sansar will do for virtual experiences what WordPress has done for the Web: empower a broad range of people to create with professional quality and reach global audiences. By greatly expanding who can create virtual experiences, Project Sansar will also extend the value of VR to a wide variety of use-cases – from gaming and entertainment to education, architecture, art, community-building, business meetings, healthcare, conferences, training, and more.”

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Project Sansar as more detail are released by Linden Lab.

  1. And once you bought the product from Linden Lab they will flip price on you and charge you double or take it back from you like they did with homestead sims in Second Life

    Linden Lab tends to not be very reliable, I would be cautious before spending money on any Linden product.

    Customers who bought the game Patterns from Linden Lab got to hear the service would just close and they were also out of their money without any form of compensation.

    1. What product are you talking about buying, Sceptic? Maya is 3D modeling software which builders buy from Autodesk, not Linden Labs. The assumption is that the test group Linden is looking for already own that software and as that they know how to use it. They are already builders using very current tools, who can do some testing using skills and tools they already possess.

      When they are calling on power users to help test, I’d love to be there!

      1. Yes please can’t wait to enjoy the experience. Both Cameron Greybeard and Cavell Bluebird are watching with interest. Second Life has become more than just a place to escape too. It’s afforded us to be more normal, make many friends, and enjoy the experiences.

  2. This is exciting. I am ready to help test out at any time. I do not use Maya, however, when it is time to test the other third party creation tools that are planning to be allowed when the launch to general consumers happen, I will be happy to participate.

  3. I am ready for this! Cannot wait for the consumer beta! Please contact me asap, I am ready, willing, and able to help guide people through this. One of my most favorite things on SL is to help people, from noobs, to builders, and audience members at live streaming concerts! This sounds like it will be amazing and I want to be right there when it happens!

  4. Oh boy. Yet another way to split the community in half.

    Viewer 2 did it.
    Then increases in GPU and CPU demand again and again, beyond the budget of “real people”.

    Now a new world that won’t import most of the stuff you own in SL, or the property and terrain of your parcels.

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