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Underwater Shooter Aquanox Deep Descent on Kickstarter, VR Support Possible

Underwater experiences make for some of the most immersive videogames out there and, as a result, seem like the perfect fit for virtual reality (VR) technology. Some studios are already working on such titles, from thrillers like Narcosis from the team at Honor Code to more relaxing experiences like Ocean Rift on Gear VR. Now a classic underwater videogame series, Aquanox, is looking to make a triumphant return following a 12 year hiatus, and could possibly be bringing VR support with it.


A team of developers simply labelled as the Aquanox team recently launched a new Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to resurrect the franchise with a new entry; Aquanox Deep Descent. Developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, the title allows players to pilot customisable submarines in underwater action. The developer, which consists of former members of Digital Arrow and Nordic Games, are re-imagining the experience, adding features such as 4 player co-op. Competitive multiplayer will also feature, offering classic modes. Intriguingly, the title also utilises assets from Deep Six, a submarine-based videogame that was left in limbo after publisher THQ folded.

As for VR support, possible integration is listed as one of a number of stretch goals for the campaign. The developer must first pass a $75,000 USD initial goal, which looks likely with over $50,000 raised at the time of writing, and will then allow backers to vote on stretch goals as and when they’re reached. VR support is a 1-step stretch goal, meaning backers could vote for it after raising $45,000 more past the initial goal. Should the campaign prove successful then the title will be released in February 2017.

“We will add the option to use a Virtual Reality device for the game,” the description under the VR stretch goal reads. “Depending on the support of the respective platform, we’ll decide on the best possible device for the game.”

VRFocus will continue to follow Aquanox Deep Descent, reporting back on any further VR-related updates.

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