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View VR Worlds on Twitter

While the everyone is starting to get used to viewing virtual reality (VR) content on smartphones through devices like Google Cardboard, or watching 360 degree video experiences on a tablet, the VR industry is still looking at further ways of adding immersive content into our lives. VRCHIVE has now enabled VR worlds to be viewed through Twitter.

VRCHIVE tweeted about how it can now let Twitter users view VR worlds on their feed via a smartphone or tablet, but also have the ability to control the content as well. The example VRCHIVE used was a virtually created meeting room, where the view point was centrally located and slowly panned around the room. This panning could then be stopped and fully controlled with a mouse to view whichever direction you want.


VRCHIVE is a content distribution platform that aims to connect 360 degree photographers with VR consumers. The platform is powered by WebGL and will support panoramic spherical images for VR without users needing a HMD. VRCHIVE currently has an official website set up, teasing an impending launch. Those interested in VRCHIVE can currently sign up for an email alert on when the platform launches.

VRFocus will continue to follow any further announcements from VRCHIVE on its VR platform and report back.

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