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Virtual Desktop Releases Proto Awards Trailer

With the annual 2015 Proto awards due in September, developer Guy Godin and his software Virtual Desktop have been nominated for several awards. Godin has now released a new short trailer for Virtual Desktop displaying some its latest features.

Some of the latest features added to Virtual Desktop include a new user-interface, Youtube 360 video playback, custom environments, 3D Side-By-Side video support and multi-monitor.

In the 2015 Proto awards list of honourees, Virtual Desktop appears in several categories including, Best Independent Experience, Best Graphical User Interface and Most Innovative.

Virtual Desktop is a free app for Windows that allows for far more than 360 degree video viewing. The experience essentially presents the user’s own desktop on a huge virtual screen, meaning they can browse the web in VR. It’s even possible to play videogames in-app. The application currently supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMD), and users will need Oculus 0.6.x Runtime installed.

VRFocus will be following all the latest updates to Virtual Desktop, and its success at the awards and reporting back.


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