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VRLA Summer Expo Reveals Line-Up Of Talks, Panels And Workshops

With Gamescom and the GDC Europe over with for 2015 and following a week or so for everyone to catch their breath; the gaming and technology worlds enter into the next phase of the conference season with two expos taking place in America. The larger of the two is the gaming culture focused PAX Prime, which VRFocus will be in attendance at, but for the more virtual reality (VR) and technically minded it is also time for the VRLA Summer Expo which is being held next Saturday the 29th at the Los Angeles Convention Centre in Los Angeles, California.

The final calendar of talks and panels has now been revealed and you can find details about each item and when it is below:

1:15pm – Opening Remarks

To be presented by Jonnie Ross and Cosmo Scharf, the co-founders of VRLA and members of Visionary VR.

1:25pm – Keynote: Making Sense of the Short Term in VR, presented by AMD

A presentation by AMD’s Corprorate Vice President Roy Taylor which will go into how the industry can manage the expectations of the public and what opportunities there are for business and creators.

1:50pm – Best Practices for Mobile VR

A panel being moderated by Vangelis Lympouridis, and presented by Samsung.  Discussions will take place between Nancy Bennett of Two Bit Circus, Arthur van Hoff of Jaunt VR, Amit Shalev of WEVR and also featuring Samsung Electronics America’s Director of Immersive Products & VR’s Jim Wilson.

2:00pm – Technical and Design Tips for VR/AR Unity Projects

A workshop being held in the Classroom Theatre and being run by Unity’s Carl Callewaert which will look into Unity 5’s increasing integration into both VR and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

2:35pm – The Art of Live Action VR, presented by IM360

How can VR be used to tell stories? What different types of narrative can be used by including the technology? What techniques can you use and what ones will the future bring? These questions and more will be addressed in a panel presented by IM360, who recently announced a new app TFF: Sinatra at 100. Featuring Andre McGovern of IM360, Sajid Sadi of Samsung Research America’s ‘Think Tank’ Team and Vrandom Zamel, founder and CEO of Springbol Entertainment. Moderator duty will be taken on by David Nelson of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

3:15pm – The Architecture of Time: A Cinematic VR Bootcamp

A VR in film workshop taking place in the classroom theatre and hosted by Patrick Meegan of VR entertainment and hardware company Jaunt.

3:20pm – From Objects to Scenes to Stories: An Exploration in the Dimensionality of Craft

A presentation to be made by Isaac Cohen, Experience Engineer at Leap Motion on the topic of writing and creating stories using VR and how the immersion of the technology brings a different creative depth.

4:25pm – Light Fields and Photoreal Virtual Actors for Virtual Reality

A talk by Paul Debevec Chief Visual Officer at ICT that will look at the essential components for engaging VR content: characters with realism and reactive viewpoints. Debevec will be looking into how technology being developed at ICT helps with these topics.

5:00pm – Crash course on integrating 3D motion control and interaction design into VR, desktop, and beyond, presented by Leap Motion

Isaac Cohen moves into the Classroom theatre for a workshop on creating fully functional 3D tracking for VR.  The design elements required and the development principles that you will need to use.  He is joined by developer and Leap Motion colleague Martin Schubert in an hour long session.

5:10pm – Soliciting Venture Capital for Your Startup

A panel presented by BoostVC on the financial practicalities involved in making VR projects work. BoostVC have recently been in the news on VRFocus for their work with the development team behind Pixel Ripped. To be moderated by Mike Panesis of Tech Coast Angels and featuring speakers David Ajalat, Clinton Foy, Sutha Kamal and Jeff Wasson.

5:55pm – Storytelling for VR

Moderated by VRLA’s Jonnie Ross this panel is scheduled to feature The Third Floor’s Chris Edwards, Noah Falstein  who is Chief Game Designer at Google and Robert Stromberg of VRC and

6:40pm – The Live Action VR Pipeline

Shannon Gans, CEO of New Deal Studios moderates the final panel of the day which is also scheduled to feature speakers from Jump, GoPro, Jaunt VR and Bubl on how filming VR content is getting more adventurous and what technologies are being brought in to accommodate this. This panel will also be giving away two Hero 4 cameras and a BublCam to three lucky attendees.

VRFocus will be bringing you news coming out from the expo as well as all the latest from elsewhere in the world of VR. Be sure to join us all next week.

– END-

  1. Do anyone know if these speakers will be live streamed? I would love to attend but am working on an early stage VR startup in the Midwest. Thanks for an info you can provide.

  2. Will the info be posted in any format later? non-live video or transcript? I also can’t make it to LA at this time and would really like to understand light fields better. Thank you!

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