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Aquarion Evol screenshot

Aquarion Evol PlayStation VR Videogame Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s (SCEJ) pre-Tokyo Games Show (TGS) press conference heralded a plethora of new information for their virtual reality (VR) plans, including a renaming of Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR. However, one of the more obscure reveals was a new title being developed based on an anime series, Aquarion Evol.

Aquarion is a manga series which has spawned novels and manga spin-offs in Japan. Aquarion Evol is the second series in the Aquarion franchise which debuted in 2005. The television show made it’s way to North America via Funimation in 2012, with an English language translation, though no European version has been licensed.

Aquarion Evol screenshot

The story is set in the same universe as the original Genesis of Aquarion, the original anime series, and takes place 12,000 years later. Amata Sora, a young man that has kept his ability to fly a secret since youth, battles invaders from rival planet Altair as part of an organisation known as Neo-DEAVA.

Little is currently known about the PlayStation VR videogame, Aquarion Evol, including which developer is responsible for the title. However, it has been confirmed that Aquarion Evol will be playable at TGS this week. VRFocus will endeavour to uncover more information on this intriguing title.

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