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Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo Gameplay Details Revealed

Following the unveiling of a playable virtual reality (VR) edition of Dynasty Warriors 8 earlier this week, VRFocus has endeavoured to secure more details on the PlayStation VR experience. Today those details have arrived, and suggest that the Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo is quite an interesting prospect.

The first-person experience begins in a calm environment away from the hectic battlefield. A scantily clad woman approaches the player and talks with them for a short while (in Japanese, making it difficult to report on what is stated), addressing the situation at hand. After this moment of tranquillity, the player is launched into combat which is vastly more detailed than any screenshots could suggest.

Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo screenshot

Played with a DualShock 4 controller, Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo uses the familiar combo system of the bloodline entries in Koei Tecmo’s hugely popular franchise. The experience is played in full 360 degrees, requiring the player to spin around and tackle enemies encroaching from all directions. Once the Musuo gauge has been filled the player is able to unleash a devastating attack, taking down hordes of enemies in a powerful explosion filling the screen with blue light. The two Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo screenshots merely hinted at this gameplay, failing to detail the breadth of the experience beyond it’s first-person combat.

No further details on the Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Demo are currently available, including whether or not Koei Tecmo intend to take the development of the project beyond this first taster. VRFocus will obviously continue to follow the project however, delivering more details as they become available.

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