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Ferrari World Designing it’s Latest Attraction Using VR

Large theme park attractions have been incorporating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology for some time, attracting visitors with new forms of entertainment. Now Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is utilising VR to help it create a unique theme park ride.

Using Holovis Attractions RideView software the design team at Ferrari World are creating a unique rollercoaster experience, reports BlooLoop. The software works alongside the Holovis VR CAVE environment, a 3D volumetric projection room which has holographic-effects shown on five sides with built in head-tracking and interaction. This allows anyone involved in the project, from the design team through to the client the ability to virtually view and review every stage of the design process in a 1:1 scale, real-time environment.


George Walker, Creative Director at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi said in a statement: “RideView™ is a revelation to the design and review process, allowing us to explore and solve design challenges through to the complex on-site integration planning much earlier in the project cycle and in a way you never could with standard CAD drawings and 2D visual renderings. This acceleration and increased richness of the development process increases the engagement of the whole project team, mitigating risk throughout the review process by identifying potential issues that ordinarily would only have been found once the site build began. This saves time and expense; both critical factors in any project of this type.”

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest developments in VR and its use across the world and report back.

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